John LaBriola

John LaBriolaJohn LaBriola is the president and founder of Lighthouse Training, a gifted communicator, author, and  radio show host.

His current book is entitled Onward Catholic Soldier: Spiritual Warfare According to Scripture, the Church and the Saints. Relying heavily on Sacred Scripture and the advice of the Saints, the book presents the concepts of Spiritual Warfare in a simple, straight forward and safe manner. Ignorance is not a viable option when it comes to Spiritual Warfare.
He is the host of St. Joseph Radio Presents, a weekly, worldwide radio program that can be heard over EWTN Radio that helps Catholics spread the truth of the Catholic faith. He has also been a frequent guest host for Catholic Answers Live radio program.

* He is the author of the apologetics book, Catholic Truth for Catholic Teens: A Guide to Embracing and Defending Your Faith. This book helps Catholics, especially younger ones, to understand not only what they believe, but also why they believe it. It is currently being revised and updated.

* He is the author of the book, Christ-Centered Selling: A Scripturally Based Guide to Principled, Profitable Persuasion. Its focus is to help lead business people to a deeper relationship with God, through the practice of Christian principles at work. Go to for more information.

*John has been involved in ministry in the Catholic Church for over twenty-years. He has spent time as a Youth Minister, Religious Education teacher, Confirmation teacher, Young Adult Coordinator and Adult Faith Formation teacher. He has delivered hundreds of missions, retreats, workshops, classes and talks at the parish and diocesan level, nationally and internationally. John uses his professional experience as a business consultant and trainer to help Catholics of all ages deepen their love and knowledge of the one, true Church.

* He is a frequent speaker at parish missions, Marian conferences, Days of Recollection, Men’s conferences and retreats, Legatus meetings, guest lecturer at Catholic colleges and Catholics@work meetings, often speaking on ethics and spirituality in the workplace. He has led retreats and parish missions both nationally and internationally.

* John is a parishioner at St. Vincent de Paul in Huntington Beach, California along with his wife and their three beautiful daughters.

* To inquire about bringing John to your parish or conference, please contact him by phone at 714 594-9818 or by e-mail at


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