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The visionary Ivanka Ivankovic-Elez had her regular annual apparition on June 25th, 2017. At her last daily apparition on May 7, 1985, Our Lady confided to Ivanka the 10th secret and told her that she would have an apparition once a year on the anniversary of the...

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Dear children, Thank you for continuing to respond to my invitations and for gathering here around me, your heavenly mother. I know that you are thinking of me with love and hope. I, too, feel love for all of you, just as my most beloved Son also feels it: He who,...

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Our Lady's message to Mirjana Soldo of June 2nd, 2017 "Dear children; as in the other places where I have come to you, also here I am calling you to prayer. Pray for those who do not know my Son, for those who have not come to know the love of God, against sin, for...

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Dear children, I am calling you to pray, not to ask for but to offer sacrifice – sacrificing yourselves. I am calling you to reveal the truth and merciful love. I am praying to my Son for you, for your faith which is all the more diminishing in your hearts. I am...

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Dear children, Apostles of my love, it is up to you to spread the love of my Son to all those who have not come to know it; you, the little lights of the world, whom I am teaching with motherly love to shine clearly with full brilliance. Prayer will help you because...

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“Dear children, you who are striving to offer every day of your life to my Son, you who are trying to live with Him, you who are praying and sacrificing – you are hope in this peaceless world. You are rays of the light of my Son, a living gospel, and you are my...

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Dear children, My Son was the source of love and light when he spoke on earth to the people of all peoples. My apostles, follow His light. This is not easy. You must be little. You must make yourselves smaller than others; with the help of faith to be filled with His...

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At the last daily apparition to Jakov Colo on September 12th, 1998, Our Lady told him that henceforth he would have one apparition a year, every December 25th, on Christmas Day. This is also how it was this year. The apparition began at 2:20 pm and lasted 10 minutes....

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“Dear children! In this time of grace I am calling all of you to open yourselves and to live the comcan i get Fincar without rx

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“Dear children, you whom my Son loves, you whom I love with an immeasurable motherly love, do not pecanadian generic Fincar no prescription

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“Dear children! May this time be for you a time of prayer, so that the Holy Spirit, through prayer, canadian pharmacy Fincar

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“Dear children, When love is beginning to disappear on earth, when the way of salvation is not beingcheap generic Fincar no prescription

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“Dear children, Today, on this day of grace, I am calling you to ask the Lord for the gift of online pharmacy for Fincar
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